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TPU film market is expected to reach a market value of $ 770,000 by 2023

Recently, the global synthetic TPU film market size exceeded 47,000 tons in 2015, and the compound growth rate may exceed 5% by 2023. TPU film market revenue may then exceed $ 750 million.

Analysis on the characteristics of China's plastic products import and export

Looking at China's import and export of plastic products in 2016, the industry analysis shows that the industry has six major characteristics, namely: the proportion of general trade imports and exports has increased; imports and exports to the EU have grown, and trade partners such as the United States, ASEAN and Japan have increased. Exports declined; private enterprises' imports and exports increased, the proportion increased; exports of mechanical and electrical products fell, and exports of traditional labor-intensive products such as textiles and clothing increased; imports of major commodities such as iron ore, crude oil, and refined oil rebounded significantly, and the prices of major imported commodities fell generally ; China's foreign trade export leading index fell.

Global bio-based PET plastic film and packaging market is expected to be worth $ 138.3 billion by 2022

According to the latest research report by Global Market Analysis, the bio-based PET market size was 496,000 tons in 2015. The attention of global greenhouse gas emissions and the emergence of bioplastics in the packaging and automotive industries may stimulate the bio-based PET market size.

Popularization of PEVA film knowledge

The characteristics of PEVA are:
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